Typical Bandit

A band of these are going to ambush the convoy


Profile: Typical Bandit
Corporeal: D:2d8, N:3d6, S:2d8, Q:2d8,
Climbin’ 1d6, fightin’: knife 3d6, dodge
2d6, horse ridin’ 4d6, shootin’: pistol,
rifle, shotgun 2d8, sneak 3d6
Mental: C:2d6, K:1d6, M:3d6, Sm:2d6,
Gamblin’ 3d6, guts 3d6, overawe 2d6,
scroungin’ 3d6, search 3d6, survival:
plains 4d6
Edges: None
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty –2
Pace: 8
Size: 6
Wind: 12
Gear: Raiders can be found carrying
just about any weapon imaginable.
Description: Bandits range from suave
“Gentlemen bandits” to murderous

Weapons stats:
Single Action Colt Army 44 Caliber Pistol has 6 shots, and a Range Increment of 10 3d6 damage worth $12

56 Caliber Spencer Carbine has 7 shots, and a Range Increment of 15 4d8 Damage worth $15 Dollars

Knife damage str+1d4 +1 Defense Bonus worth 2 dollars Bowie knives increase damage to 1d6, and cost 4


Typical Bandit

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